Since I moved to Melbourne and found myself a day job, my commute to work in the morning has often been welcomed with a clan of hot air balloons filling the sky.  Such a great view is hard to miss by anyone in and around Melbourne.
I contacted Chris at BalloonMan who regularly does flights over Melbourne and asked if I could spectate in one of the take-offs he was doing.   He was more than happy for me to come along and take some photos.
Given that the ballooning all depends on the weather, I had to check in with Chris the night before I intended on coming along and it seemed the weather was on his side.  Waking up at 4.30am to head out was a bit of a struggle for me but hey, it's not like I do it every day!
Watching the setup and the way Chris involved everyone in the preparation of the balloon was great and must have made everyone feel like they were off on their own adventure!  Thanks again, Chris!
Some images below.
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