Model: Monique
I've worked with Emily a number of times and each time she does not disappoint.  Whether we have a specific idea in mind or simply feel like shooting for the sake of it and go with the flow, her work is colourful and imaginative.
Monique hadn't posed for this type of shoot before and I must say she nailed it.  Such a great character she nailed every pose we asked of her.
This is what makes photography so much fun for me, meeting new people and working with such talent!
Now for the technical mumbo jumbo;
This was actually a 5 light setup which may have been overkill but I love how the photos turned out.  2 lights to blowout the backdrop, 2 key lights and a fill light.
I wanted to get as much detail in focus as possible so I shot at f7.1 with a shutter speed of 1/125 and ISO100
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