Whether many, or just a sprinkling, I love the natural beauty that freckles hold.  Hence how my project, aptly named "Freckles", came about.
I want to photograph various freckled faces; male faces, female faces, young faces, not so young faces.  All with freckles. 
The shoot will be consistent in using a manual focus art lens called a Petzval Lens.  This is a remastered lens from a gentleman named Joseph Petzval who originally designed the lens in 1840.
I will aim to produce black and white photos to bring out the freckles as strongly and clearly as possible. I want people to see these photos of freckles as they can appear, photographically, through a camera lens.
So far I've had the pleasure of working with three amazing people who have graced me with their freckles and you can see the images below.
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