For the past four years I have been attending PAX Aus (, here in Melbourne.  For those of you that don't know it stands for Penny Arcade Expo, which is an extremely well known gaming convention which originated in America (who now have three annual shows.  PAX West, PAX South and PAX East).  
The convention runs for three days and accommodates gaming in every sense of the word - Tabletop, console, PC, card, classic and much more.  They also have talks, competitions and best of all, games!
I'm a little bit addicted to gaming, not because I don't want to do other things such as socialising or "adulting" stuff but because I enjoy it.  It's my little world away from the every day grind.  Some people don't understand why a 31 year old man would spend his time playing games but I see gaming as my hobby, just like someone enjoys going for hikes as a hobby or crafting for a hobby.  It also gives me the chance to be able to see other worlds, do things that would otherwise be physically impossible.. The possibilities are endless!  I believe there is a bit of a gamer in everyone, you just have to find the right type of game, after all we love being entertained as humans.
Below are some of the images from the weekend, I didn't take as many as I'd like but there was so much to do I was distracted for the most part of the weekend.
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