2016 has been a long year.. The spectacular views  we saw along the way made it all worth the effort. 
Travelling from East coast of America to the West, we only saw a fraction of the natural and man made beauty that it has to offer.
Stop 1 - Miami
This art deco styled city is world famous for its beaches and buildings, we found ourselves in awe of the beauty within the architecture here, wandering the streets for several days.  The first day in Miami came with the Elections and a shocked world when Donald Trump won the running to become the next president, many people we spoke to simply did not know how to feel about this. 
Stop 2 - Orlando 
This leg of the trip was extremely touristy with a visit to Disneyland Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Center.  I'm sure there's not much else that needs explaining about these places.  
Stop 3 - New York
Anyone who's anyone that has been to New York will surely know of the wonders the city holds.. We walked more than I ever thought I could each and every day during this leg of the trip and my oh my did my feet know it!   I have to admit, I did have more than my fair share of 99c pizza slices!
I loved capturing the finer details  while here instead of the bigger picture.  Below we have hotel lobby decoration plants and a familiar view when leaving the many subway stations.
Stop 4 - River Falls, Wisconsin
Everyone asked us "Why Wisconsin?  Is it for the cheese?" but no, it was for a family catch up and to spend Thanksgiving in the 0 Degrees C and snow!  Everything was white... EVERYTHING was cold, but that didn't stop the water from flowing in this gorgeous picturesque town.
Stop 5 - Las Vegas
As a late Birthday gift for turning 30, I was lucky enough to visit Vegas!  The lights here are phenomenal and I would seriously hate to see the electricity bill for this town.  I grew tired of the constant buzzing of slot machines  and lights and wanted to escape the mainstream and luckily enough 30 minutes from the main strip is a small lump of rock called Lone Mountain, with views that will blow you away!
Stop 6 - Los Angeles
What should have been a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles may have turned into an 8 hour drive with multiple stops for photo opportunities!  Bottle Tree Ranch, created by artist Elmer Long, I found myself lost and encapsulated by his creations.  We only spent 2 days in LA, thanks for having us!
Stop 7 - San Francisco
I must say, this was probably the highlight of the adventure, the food was so much better, the views were everything you had seen in the movies and the people were immensely friendly.  Visiting Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge were just amazing.   The sad part of San Francisco is the amount of homeless that I saw, mixed with mental illness and drug use this turned the streets into tent cities with legs poking out of shop doorways throughout most of the streets, it was very sad.
Stop 8 - Home!
The long flight back to Australia was knocking at our door and it was  time to leave and come back to reality... Thank you, America for the memories and thank you for taking the time to read through my recaps.
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